Architectural design is an evolutionary process. Concept to construction, we focus on identifying and revealing the indispensable factors that uniquely bring strength and vitality to each project. Our process is dedicated to this pursuit. From asking the right questions, to research, to providing fully integrated solutions.

18th & Boston Renovation

Lilly Architects is excited to announce a new addition and renovation architectural project at the intersection of 18th and Boston. The project is located in a historic building that unfortunately burned down in February 2022. Lilly Architects is committed to restoring the original fa├žade and ensuring that the new construction is complementary to the building's context and original design. This project will be critical in helping to stitch back together the urban fabric of this up-and-coming area and will consist of retail and restaurant spaces. The project is still in the early stages of development, but the Lilly Architects team is confident it will be a successful addition to the neighborhood. We are dedicated to creating a space that meets the community's needs and pays tribute to the history and culture of the area. With its strategic location and careful attention to design and context, this project has the potential to become a standout feature in the community.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Campus

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Administrative Campus is a project that brings all TCSO operations and administration needs to one location. The project includes a new administration building, maintenance building, storage building, and the build-out of an operations building. This provides a central location for all TCSO needs to serve Tulsa County better. The project kicks off in 2022 and is expected to be complete by 2023.

Duck Creek Residence

This custom residential project will sit nestled on a quiet peninsula on Grand Lake. The design focuses on bringing the light and lake views indoors. Construction date TBD.