Press Cafe x Yoga

Tulsa, OK

Press is a minimalist coffeeshop with an adjoining hot yoga studio located in the Archer Building in the Tulsa Arts District. The yoga-cafe comprises roughly 1,500 square feet split amongst both practices. The yoga studio accommodates 28 mats in a second floor space while the 15-seat cafe caters to the take-out coffee crowd. The simple, straight-forward aesthetic of the entire space is punctuated by a black and white color palette that removes distraction and accentuates the user’s experience.


Adaptive Reuse / Historic Preservation / Retail


Lilly Architects, Tulsa OK

Commercial / Residential Architecture, and Interior Design

Phone: (918) 582-5044

“We’re in such great company in this space.
There are some great Tulsa startups under the same roof.”

Brady Ballew, Owner
Press Cafe x Yoga
Tulsa, OK

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