Olson Kundig partners with Lilly Architects on Bob Dylan Center

TULSA, OK- Lilly Architects partners as local Architect of Record on Bob Dylan center. The firm’s principal, Chris Lilly, is familiar with the property having worked on the Tulsa Paper Company and the adjoining warehouse previously. Lilly, who also designed the Guthrie Green while at another firm has helped to transform most of the Tulsa Arts District into the thriving neighborhood it is today. Projects nearby include the Fox hotel, The Universal Ford Building, the Archer Warehouse and others.


Original Article:

Olson Kundig has announced the opening of its new Bob Dylan Center, a warehouse-turned-museum that gives visitors exclusive access to the cultural treasures found in The Bob Dylan Archive®. Led by design principal Alan Maskin, the center showcases Bob Dylan’s worldwide cultural significance, featuring a collection of more than 100,000 items spanning nearly 60 years of Dylan’s career, from handwritten manuscripts and correspondence, to films, videos, artwork, and original studio recordings.

The design was an international design competition entry 5 years ago, competing with over 100 global firms. Maskin and his design team did not want to create a monument of a Rockstar, instead, they used the artist’s “creative trajectory” as a source of inspiration for visitors, creating the storytelling of his lifelong legacy. Keeping in mind that throughout his career, he has resisted explaining himself truthfully, the design team knew that there will be a play of fiction vs nonfiction. So the design approach took into account this duality, as well as found inspiration from two movies: I’m Not There by Todd Haynes and Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa, in which the latter defined the narrative structure of the center.

The new museum opened its doors to the public on May 10th, 2022, located in Tulsa’s arts district near the city’s renowned Woody Guthrie Center. Originally a former paper warehouse, the 29,000 sq.ft center is a dynamic, multifaceted venue which houses permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibitions of Dylan’s work, his influences, and projects inspired by his legacy. The center will serve as a space to educate, motivate, and inspire visitors through exhibits, public programs, performances, lectures, and publications. While designing the space, the team took into account three visitor experiences: “swimmers, skimmers, and divers” defining the different user profiles visiting the center and how they will interact with the content of the museum.


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