Tulsa Architect designs latest Entertainment Venue in Jenks

–  Tulsa Architecture firm, Lilly Architects is behind the design of Jenks’ latest entertainment and market venue.

The Jenks Market will include restaurants as well as, indoor and outdoor entertainment options for visitors to Jenks. The Ten District is the latest name for the growing downtown area where the Jenks Market will be located. The area also includes the Oklahoma Aquarium, several new mixed-use spaces as well as apartments and restaurants.

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“A new entertainment venue the “Jenks Market” is coming to the downtown area in Jenks.

Leaders of the Ten District are hoping this new venue creates a boost for business in the Jenks community. The ‘Jenks Market’ will be 12,000 square feet featuring a variety of restaurants, a jumbo outdoor movie screen, and outdoor seating for people to enjoy. The site’s being designed for Jenks to host a variety of live entertainment and different sporting events.

The Ten District teamed up with ‘Frisbie Lombardi Commercial Real Estate‘ for the new addition. Lombardi with ‘Frisbie Lombardi Commercial Real Estate’ says his team is working to secure restaurants – some even out of state. He says they are working to make the site as appealing as possible for visitors.

“We are taking the full parceled land and so parking has been a big thing we have to go through. And we are working through that with the city right now and we have an obligation from the city to provide some parking for us on the aquarium land,” said Lombardi.

The organization is also working with existing businesses in this district to improve their operations. Leaders of the Ten District are encouraging businesses to take advantage of the city’s tax incentive, which will help pay a portion of any upgrades. Maggie‘s Music Box is one of those businesses.

“It’s crucial when you are trying to uplift and transform a Main Street in a town and bring it up to a level that is just so appealing to the eye sometimes you need help as an entrepreneur,” said Maggie’s Music Box co-owner Amy Smith.

The Jenks Market is being built between the Oklahoma Aquarium and the Holiday Inn Express. The facility is set to open in the next 6 months.”